Buying Shoes in the AMS Shoe Store

"Good afternoon, welcome to AMS Shoes."

"Thank you."

"How may I help you today?"

"I'd like a pair of black oxfords, size 9 1/2 D."

"You're being too narrow-minded."


"You need to be open to new possibilities. How about we start looking through the shelves. Here's a nice pair of golf shoes."

"I believe I've not made myself clear. Let's start again. I need a pair of black oxfords, size 9 1/2 D."

"There's that narrow-mindedness again. You'll never be successful buying shoes thinking like that. You need to be open."

"All right. I'll look for myself, thank you."

"Well, good luck."

"Wait a minute. These boxes are all blank. They don't even have a size marked on them! How on earth am I supposed to find the size and style I need!"

"Sir, I'm trying to tell you. You just have to get over this fixation on size. We have lots of nice shoes here if only you'd be more open-minded."

"Listen, I need a size 9 1/2 D oxford. You mean to tell me that I have to open every single one of these boxes hoping that it will be a size 9 1/2 D black oxford?"

"No, you just need to be more open-minded."

"You're driving me out of my mind. My foot will take only a size 9 1/2 D. I'll be very uncomfortable in any other size. And I've worn black oxfords all my life. Nothing is wrong with black oxfords!"

"Be flexible for a change. If you find a nice shoe, you can make it fit your foot, regardless of what size it is. You'll grow into it. Now, how about this pair of bowling shoes?"

"I don't know how to bowl!"

"Isn't it time you learned?"