Adios to Roe: Now Comes the Really Hard Part

Finally, after almost fifty years of mostly uncontrolled, wanton bloodshed, the Supreme Court of the United States has corrected an abuse of power that Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the majority, termed "egregiously wrong from the start." The ability to regulate abortion has been returned to the states, where it was exercised until the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973. Far from banning all abortion nationwide, as the most hysterical of commentators might suggest, this decision simply gets the Supreme Court out of the abortion business and will ignite not only fifty state battles of varying intensity but also a continuing national debate, even if Republicans retake both houses of Congress in the fall elections. Many of these battles were raging before 1973, but they will flare even hotter than a July 4 barbeque after fifty years of indoctrination by a perverted media and culture.

While this may have been the best the pro-life movement could get for now-- and make no mistake, Dobbs is a landmark decision with significant consequences-- one can hardly believe that a nation divided by abortion will be able to survive any more than a nation divided by slavery would have survived. Arbitrary attempts at political compromise in the case of slavery led eventually to the Civil War. Likewise, the idea that abortion is a laudable act in California but a serious crime in Utah simply isn't rational or sustainable. The value of a human life is inestimable, whether in New York or Ohio. What our Constitution describes as "inalienable" human rights can't depend upon a simple majority vote to protect them. Dobbs is a huge step in the right direction-- but it is only a step, not the destination. We need to make sure that a future Congress composed of a majority of supporters of legalized murder led by a sympathetic President can't reverse these hard-won victories and attempt to pre-empt state laws on abortion with a simple majority vote and a corrupt President's signature.

The time has now come to apply further pressure on all politicians, from the President, senators, and governors right down to the town clerk and dog catcher to stand for the inalienable right of a human being to live-- the right to life. From here on out, abortion has to be an issue in every single contest for public office. Those who believe that the murder of innocent human beings should be legal must be weeded out at the lowest possible level. Such cowards are unfit to hold any public office anywhere. As I have said, even the dogs deserve better. If the dog catcher were caught killing dogs the way unborn babies are murdered in abortion, he'd be forced to resign and probably would be prosecuted. PETA would harass him and his family until he left town.

No longer can politicians get out of stating what they believe about abortion by deferring to the Supreme Court and saying that it is "settled law," or "there's nothing we can do," or even giving a curt, "no comment." Now we must insist that they state a clear, rational opposition to the slaughter of the unborn-- or get off the ballot, just as a candidate for dog catcher would not be able to evade a question about dog fighting or other animal abuse with a "no comment." All too often, even many cowardly Republicans have been reluctant to state a clear opposition to abortion for fear of losing votes. Now they, as well as Democrats, must be held responsible and accountable, preferably before an election.

If, as the majority opinion in Dobbs states, the Constitution is truly neutral about abortion, we need to start electing politicians at all levels of government who are committed to protecting the dignity of all human beings, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. Anyone running for any office must clearly manifest unwavering support for nothing less than a constitutional amendment that makes plain the scientific fact that human life begins at conception when unique new DNA is created. That's what I learned in seventh-grade science class from my Jewish science teacher in a public school back in the 1970's, before the public schools became liberal indoctrination camps. Anyone who refuses to accept that scientific fact needs to be shown the door at the primary level if not sooner. As an aside, teachers who refuse to teach scientific facts need to be shown the door as well.

The best political and legal outcome would have been a simple declaration by the Court that human life begins at conception and therefore is protected by the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Even now, after Dobbs, we have the untenable notion that two human beings can have differing legal protection, simply because one is wanted and the other is not. When a person's humanity is dependent upon whether he is wanted or not, every single one of us is in grave danger of being legislated out of existence by virtue of offending someone or simply no longer being convenient. That hardly constitutes a rational legal standard. This is why nothing less than a constitutional amendment will now suffice. There are still far too many corrupt legislators who will be happy to legislate the unborn out of existence-- and "state's rights" simply isn't a coherent way to approach this important issue. It's one thing if one state wants to allow right turns on red signals and another does not (an area where states remain pre-empted by federal law) as that is a debatable issue on which reasonable people can disagree. To put abortion in the same category is plainly preposterous.

Even with a federal constitutional amendment, however, a huge amount of work remains. We often hear that abortion is essentially the backstop of the sexual revolution. Well, the sexual revolution hasn't been reversed by Dobbs. Probably a majority of the population still has rather warped and even perverted ideas about the proper use and understanding of sexuality. If men still think that a female human being has no more dignity than a blow up doll to be used as a sex toy, and women are willing to submit to that deficient thinking and let men use their bodies if it will help them climb the ladder of success, Dobbs will not help much. Already, sexual revolutionaries are planning their pivot to the abortion pill, which promises to unleash who knows how many other yet unknown horrors on women. If sex is considered to be no more than another form of recreation, a court decision alone probably won't change that.

The good news is that traditional media don't have the stranglehold on communication that they had in 1973. Today, someone such as myself can easily run a web site and reach many thousands, maybe even millions of people. Even with a simple email blast list, one person has the capacity to provide information that can change many hearts. While "old media" can attempt to control the flow of news-- and won't give up without a big struggle-- never before have there been so many alternative sources of reliable information available at little or no cost and right at someone's fingertips. As I like to observe, information travels along the same paths and at the same speed as disinformation.

Now we need to double-down and continue and intensify that process of changing hearts. We have to teach young men that women have dignity that should be respected, and that young men are more than simply uncontrollable animals that copulate at will, whenever and whereever. We have to teach young women that they don't owe a man sex after a date as if they were nothing more than prostitutes. Everyone needs to learn that sexual relations are a wonderful gift from God, reserved for a man and a woman who are married to one another as a heavenly way of living and expressing the glory of married life. Everyone who is not married needs to learn to channel sexual energy into legitimate creative pursuits of one sort or another, as sexual energy ultimately comes from the creative urge programmed into us by our Creator. God told us to "go forth and multiply" because He made us for that purpose, not because He was babbling incoherently.

If you send your children to schools that teach that sex is just another form of recreation with less consequence than a video game, either get them out of there or demand an immediate end to the indoctrination into the discredited sexual revolution. Start attending Board of Education meetings and get the junky textbooks out of the schools, find a private school that will teach your children respect for other human beings, or if no such schools in your area exist, look into homeschooling. We can't just throw our children to the wolves. Don't give a teenager a smartphone; if you do, it's game over. The filth that will start to be poured into your child's mind will do lasting damage, especially if your child starts engaing in pre-marital sex, possibly with a predatory adult. It's a corrupt world out there and you'll have to work hard to form your children properly.

Those of you who have been active in the pro-life movement must not relent. Your job is only just beginning. As a respected elder once told me over twenty years ago, we don't have to go to a foreign land to be a missionary and evangelize. The person right next to us in the pew is probably just as much in need of evangelization and conversion as anyone else. Today, that person may have given up going to church, but he may be your colleague at work, your pal in your bowling league, or even your neighbor or relative. About half the population will still vote for abortionists if given the opportunity-- their hearts must be converted. Keep up the good fight and don't quit. We absoultely must restore a culture that respects the dignity of others and returns chastity to the default condition and not the exception to the rule, where a boy thinks that a girl will be offended if he doesn't invite her to bed after a date or vice-versa. In a culture of chastity, abortion will be recognized as unsafe for everyone in a myriad of ways, and it will also be both illegal and rare.

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