Alone, Aboard an Aeroplane

I was working on a light poem for a children's program that I am trying to develop for AMSJR Audio. This tearjerker came from the keyboard instead. All I have to do now is crash the plane into someone's pickup truck and it would make a great country music song.

Alone, aboard an aeroplane
Away, apart from argument
Array, attempt, nowise attain
Advice, to mend the rent garment.

Allay, all fear I cannot shed
Allow, if I did cause the split
Assault, my love of self misled
Attack, what wrong I did commit.

Aside, an aisle and those unknown
Alive, the hope a kid won't douse
Aware, the odds have grown and grown
Asleep, my dreams are of one house.

Appear, angel, to bring me home
Apply, and show your might galore
Announce, the news to end my roam
Attract, my mom, my dad, once more.

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