The Danger of Abortionists in a Democratic Society

Have you heard of a sect known as the Shakers? Perhaps you may recall them vaguely from a history class many moons ago. You certainly don't see any on the streets on a regular basis. In fact, you aren't likely to have met any in your lifetime, even if you are advanced in years. To paraphrase the Peter, Paul, and Mary song, "Where have all the Shakers gone?"

Shakers had a fatal flaw in their ideology. They believed in strict celibacy. Maintaining your numbers is very hard when you don't believe in reproduction. The Shakers proved this vividly. They flourished for a while but eventually their numbers dwindled and today they are virtually extinct.

Let's skip to today. Many people believe that abortion and birth control are perfectly okay. Abortionists have been using the courts to impose their minority views on society for many years now. Why do they rely on the courts? It's simple-- like the Shakers, they have this self-defeating tendency to kill themselves off. Like the Shakers, they haven't been able to maintain their numbers by conversions and persuasion. In a democratic society, where numbers are everything, that is suicide. In the long term, those who believe in abortion and birth control are doomed. They will be obliterated by those who adhere to the simple maxim, "Go forth and multiply." Their only hope in a democratic society is in the courts-- or perhaps worse. Suppose they fail in the courts too? What then? Fascism? Dictatorship?

That is why we all need to cast a wary eye on anyone who promotes abortion or birth control. People who hold these beliefs are downright dangerous. They have proven that they will take no prisoners and stop at nothing to bully their views into bad law and bad morality. They fight even the weakest restrictions on abortion and birth control because they know that it will be the beginning of the end for them. If you oppose them, your very existence is a threat to them because if they have to rely on numbers, they don't have a chance. Think about it.

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