It's a Dirty Job, But Someone Has to Do It

As the toll from disease mounts, many are probably deriding this web site for continuing to defend basic human rights and common sense in the face of evidence that seems to suggest that whatever drastic measures have been imposed on the public are justified. The prevailing "wisdom" appears to be that "all's fair in love and war on coronavirus." Our argument here is precisely the opposite: that in times such as these, we need to be even more vigilant than usual that the inherent freedom and dignity of man must be defended and protected.

One of the devil's tricks is to present a potential sinner with something that appears to be good. If Satan came along offering a rotten apple, who would be tempted by it? Indeed, we see in Genesis 3, "And the woman saw that the tree was good to eat, and fair to the eyes, and delightful to behold..." Similarly, if someone offered a $3 bill with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, who would be fooled? Counterfeiters spend lots of time trying to make their $10 and $20 bills look as much like the real McCoy as they can. In our situation today, we unfortunately have been seduced by a counterfeit good. "This is how we will protect you from coronavirus," they promised, just as Satan promised, "No, you shall not die... ye shall be like gods." "We have to save lives," they coo, while one starts to wonder if the dead are the lucky ones in a totalitarian world where they finally figured out how to suppress religion altogether.

Like Eve and then Adam, we traded greater, longer-lasting good for immediate gratification. The serpent of lockdowns and anti-social distancing has tricked us into forfeiting what few freedoms we had left in a time when 1984 is more than a reality with cameras almost everywhere. Government, which already controlled too much of people's lives, has taken near-complete control. The emergency is being used to ram through restrictions that won't be going away any time soon. It's always a ratchet when government oversteps its boundaries. If they can do it now, they'll do it again once precedent has been established, and they'll wait for less and less evidence that it is necessary. Eventually, they'll just not bother to open things up again. It's lots easier to control a population that isn't allowed to congregate or wander aimlessly. Having to carry an authorization card (or embedded chip) to go anywhere is quite likely to become a permanent fact of everyday life. That cellular phone you have and won't ever turn off was the first step. It can become your authorization card with a government-mandated app that I imagine is already in the works somewhere, or they'll just seduce everyone with some sort of app that everyone will voluntarily download and install.

What we have witnessed is a revolution that no one saw coming and no one opposed. In fact, it was welcomed by masses of people who chose to put their faith in science, technology, and government-- which always fail us in the end-- instead of putting faith in God. A man who has faith in God and lives an upright, moral life has nothing to fear from any disease because he is prepared to meet his Maker at any time. For the man who does not believe in God or who believes in a wishy-washy, counterfeit caricature of God-- well, science, technology and government are all that are left. That is truly a sad prospect.

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