The Experiment Is a Failure

The results are in. For the last year we have tolerated medical experimentation on human beings, many of whom were bullied and coerced into participating. For a while, perhaps, it made some sense. After all, we were threatened by a disease that, if not serious for everyone, at least posed serious consequences for some people. Yes, some people even died of the disease. One could argue that it was all worth a try in order to save lives. A year into the forced so-called vaccination program, it is now painfully obvious that the vaccine that is not a vaccine is also dangerous and ineffective. With over 20,000 admitted deaths and close to a million admitted adverse reactions, the Covid so-called vaccines now stand alongside absestos and thalidomide as some of the worst boondoggles in history.

Recall that asbestos once held an exalted place in government regulation and popular opinion-- just like these so-called vaccines. Asbestos was not only promoted and encouraged, but in many places asbestos was, if not actually required, the most expedient way to comply with fire codes. It was seen as just as virtuous as today's Covid so-called vaccines are regarded. Despite being discredited by the 1980's, it remains a major problem today on account of being ubiquitous before that, being used in everything from shingles to brake linings. Even today, as dangerous as asbestos is, and despite its known carcinogenic danger, it has not been banned in the United States. One has to wonder if we've learned anything at all from the lesson of asbestos, or if twenty or forty years from now we'll still be burying vaccine victims as we are still burying asbestos victims. The "experts" of the early twentieth century led us to asbestos; will we allow the "experts" of the early twenty-first century to lead us down the same path of failure?

What is particularly annoying and offensive is how government officials keep shouting "Full Speed Ahead" and even "Double Full Speed Ahead!" while the ship takes on water. Make no mistake about it-- the vaccine ship is sinking fast. Almost everyone knows of at least a few people who received the experimental treatment and suffered serious illness on account of it. Almost everyone knows dozens of people who not only received both doses of the non-vaccine but also a booster shot besides-- and still became ill and tested positive for Covid afterward. Well, double and triple nothing is still nothing-- except for the pharmaceutical companies that are making billions off this useless course of action as they laugh all the way to the bank as they profit over one of the biggest scams ever.

The worst aspect of all of this is the scapegoating and fearmongering. Public officials condemn the unvaccinated with rhetoric previously reserved for serial killers and Adolf Hitler-- regardless of how stupid they sound as they say that so-called vaccinated people have to fear the unvaccinated. Well, here's the truth: we are all unvaccinated! That is because (1) it isn't a vaccine and (2) the thing they are calling a vaccine does not offer any useful protection against Covid, regardless of what they call the thing. It offers little or no protection regardless of whether everyone gets it or not. It's a massive fraud.

If the thing worked, almost no one would be fighting it. Few would be taking it grudgingly. People would be embracing it enthusiastically. There would be no need for "mandates" or tyrannical regulations and unconstitutional executive orders. Remember, if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door. But if you build a junky mouse trap, you won't be able to give it away. And if you build a dangerous mouse trap, you won't be able to pay people to take it off your hands. That is what is happening with the so-called vaccine. Why would any sane person want to risk his life for a lie-- a treatment that is a proven failure, and dangerous besides? Or have we succumbed to mass insanity?

As we all know, a proper medical experiment involves a control group-- a group of people who do not receive treatment but are monitored as closely as those who are receiving treatment. That's because a real scientist wants to know if the treatment being considered is actually necessary; if the control group does as well or better than those who receive the experimental treatment, the treatment is a failure. What is becoming apparent is that the relentless push to get everyone without exception treated is all about eliminating the control group in the experiment because the control group is a severe embarrassment to those behind the tyranny-- because the control group is doing just as well as anyone else. The control group proves the "experts" wrong and must be eliminated at all costs, just as Lazarus needed to be killed again because people were believing in Jesus on account of him (John 12:10-11). The "science" there, as it were, pointed to Jesus being who He said He was and so had to be suppressed. The control group in the experiment will also be key in future lawsuits, so that evidence has to be destroyed so that it cannot be presented in court. Without the control group, any assertion at all can be made about the necessity of the treatment, because "it would have been worse otherwise."

The good news-- if anything can be called "good news," especially with a death toll that would have derailed any previous vaccine or medical treatment-- is that nothing will likely protect the purveyors of this vile agenda. As we mentioned, asbestos was an accepted, promoted construction material at one time. That did not stop Johns-Manville from declaring bankruptcy on account of all the lawsuits against it. The company was forced to create a fund to pay off those harmed by asbestos-- and that fund exists even today and is still paying off claims!

Remember that if you are a government official pushing these immoral policies. You can still be held liable, regardless of what people are signing under duress today. Remember that if you are a corporate employer planning to enforce illegal executive orders. You can still be held liable-- and "I was following orders" won't cut it any more than it cut it at Nuremburg. If you are a doctor, your medical license may be in jeopardy, and you can be sued and held liable too. It won't be hard to convince a jury that a suffering plaintiff who appears in court isn't deserving of compensation. If you have anything at all to do with promoting these so-called vaccines, you can be held liable-- or at the least, you will have to spend a pile of money defending yourself in court. Finally, if you are running a phramaceutical company, your billions in assets are a very inviting target for those seeking restitution in court. They will have their day in court, some day. Johns-Manville's billions, its many lawyers, and the previous popularity of asbestos certainly didn't stop it from being held liable. Similar conditions today won't stop fraudsters promoting so-called vaccines from being held accountable either.

Paragraph 6 was added 12/31/2021 at 9:04 PM after the initial publication on 12/22/2021. The death toll has also been updated.

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