Nothing is more fun than watching a Road Runner cartoon, as Wile E. Coyote employs increasingly complex methods to obtain sustenance, while failing more and more miserably each time. No matter how idiotic he looks, he keeps doubling down, and often at the end of the seven minutes one of the original failed contraptions that was long forgotten from the beginning of the cartoon returns to make one final appearance to make a complete fool of the Coyote and give one final big laugh to the audience.

What we are witnessing today would be side-splitting humor if it were a theatrical comedy or animated cartoon instead of real life. The worldwide hysteria over a disease that has recently preoccupied civilization would make for a great Marx Brothers movie, but this isn't a movie. It is nothing more than real-life sadists bent on pursuing a failed, hopeless strategy of containment on real-life people. They will never succeed in containing it, but no matter how much failure is written on their efforts, they keep doubling down, cock-sure that they can do the impossible, and absolutely unwilling to admit that they cannot succeed, or that they have already failed. They don't care how many lives they disrupt or how much suffering they inflict on the world-- they are bent on eradicating this disease, and they are forcing the entire population to participate in a massive anti-social experiment that is doomed to failure from the beginning, but like the Coyote, they will just keep on trying and trying and trying. The other difference is that this isn't going to be over in seven minutes, or even 77 minutes. No, they are going to see this through to the end, no matter how much worse the treatment is than the disease.

In the jet age, there is no containment of disease. By the time the "experts" learn of some new disease, it has already spread around the world, multiple times. It's too late to circle the wagons, or to start handing out medicine, or to impose travel restrictions. The only thing to do is to treat the ill as best as possible and to take everyday, common-sense measures that are part of ordinary good hygiene. But containment? It's a fool's mission, and unfortunately we have an inexhaustible supply of fools in government and no one willing to dispute any of them, no one willing to have a rational debate about whether any of these extraordinary measures will make a whit of difference, no one willing to ask, "Is this trip necessary?"

If we even have elections this year, and they don't find some excuse not to have elections or to conduct them in some way as to make them easier to rig, every single elected official who is complicit in this mass insanity should be voted out of office permanently.

What we really need now is a statesman like Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill to give a well-crafted, sane speech to snap us out of this mass hysteria. Of course, we don't have any politicians like them around any more, their like having generally been chased out of office decades ago and replaced by the low-quality types who lead us today. The sort of politician we have today knows that Lincoln was shot dead and Churchill was rewarded for his leadership by being voted out of office in 1945-- and isn't willing to go against the tide. I guess we get what we deserve.

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