What the 2016 Presidential Election Results Really Mean

Many have attempted to analyze the results of the presidential election, and most are trying to do it through their red-colored or blue-colored lenses. They go through tortuous gyrations to make a lot more of this than it really is.

The reality is this: We had two really rotten candidates. If some sort of respectable candidate had run on either the Democratic or Republican lines, that person would have won in a landslide not only in the electoral vote, but in the popular vote as well. Hardly anyone would have voted for Donald Trump if someone who didn't believe in totally unrestricted legalized baby-killing and serious, bigoted religious persecution had opposed him. Likewise, what sensible person would have voted for Hillary Clinton if a church-going gentleman or lady with moderate views and a reputation for honesty and dignity had opposed her?

Instead, we had two morally reprehensible people who should both have been run out of town early in the primaries. Looking at the popular vote, we can readily see that faced with what people perceived to be the only two choices, most people probably held their noses and flipped a coin after they entered the voting booth. The results couldn't have been much closer to what would be expected if one flipped a coin 120,000,000 times: each candidate obtained roughly 60,000,000 votes. I think that trying to read much more of anything than that into it is more or less a waste of time.

The next question is why on Earth both nationally-sanctioned political parties would come so close to commiting political suicide? Why did they both run such appalling excuses for candidates when either of them could have won handily simply by fronting a decent candidate without so much baggage? The powers that be in both parties should be asking themselves that question in the coming years before the next election. Next time, people might actually get wise to the truth that those two parties aren't the only choices. They might actually vote for a third-party or even a fourth-party candidate. It is long past time that the two officially-approved parties clean up their acts-- or be replaced by decent parties that one can support wholeheartedly and not just because one of them one won a coin toss.

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