Three Candidates Who Won't Be Getting My Vote

Earlier this week, I decided to do my homework and find out what the Republicans who are running for elected office in my area thought about abortion. I didn't waste time with the judicial candidates, since almost all of them were running unopposed, cross-endorsed by the Republican, Democratic, and Conservative Parties. They would hide behind judicial ethics as a cover for not answering simple questions about something that should be a basic qualification for any public office, namely not believing that murdering an innocent baby can ever be justified. Basically we have sham elections where the silent candidates offer us no rational justification for choosing one over another-- if they had opponents. "Well, I'll vote for Schmoe because he studied law at my alma mater and I like his wife's name."

That left just three candidates. We have to elect an individual to the House of Representatives plus a state senator and a member of the State Assembly. Of course, I didn't bother with the Democrats as that would only be more time wasted. I figured that the Republicans would have surely web sites that would have the information I needed as they would be happy to let pro-life people know that they don't believe in murdering innocent babies. Who wouldn't be enthusiastically pro-baby? Alas, nowhere on any of the three web sites could I locate even a passing reference to abortion. Granted one site wouldn't load on my computer, but even that to me smacks of a level of indifference on the part of the candidate. If I were running for office, I'd make sure that my web site loaded on every browser, computer, smartphone, or tablet. It really doesn't have to be that complicated-- but that's a rant for another page.

Okay, so they hired incompetent web designers. I decided to give them all another shot, hoping that they would be quite happy to answer my simple question. Without any serious opposition in my mind, all these three people had to do was fire off a form letter response along the lines of "I reassure you that I will do everything in my power to stop legalized abortion in every way possible." Here's the question that after two days has not elicited a response from any of the three candidates:

I couldn't find any mention of abortion on your web site or Facebook page. I vote only for 100% pro-life candidates even if I have to cast a write-in vote. Please let me know what you intend to do to reverse (not just delay) the leftist ratchet that has resulted in the murder of 60,000,000 innocent babies since 1973.

Wow. What a quick way to silence three Republicans. It doesn't make me anxious to throw away my vote in their direction. Folks, I am not going to vote for Republicans simply because they bear the label "Republican." Every candidate has to earn my vote, including Republicans. Unless I hear from the three candidates listed below by the time I'm ready to cast my vote, and they are willing to assure me that they are 100% pro-life and will actively work to end abortion as a matter of grave importance, my votes in their races will go to a write-in candidate. "But you're throwing your vote away!" If no candidate will stand up for innocent babies, my vote is worthless anyway.

Fourth New York Congressional District: Douglas L. Tuman

Ninth State Senate District: Victoria M. Johnson

Twenty-First State Assembly District: Patricia M. Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick

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