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Of all the Web pages I've posted, this is the Web page that says it all about Andrew M. Saucci, Jr.

Andrew's Sketches

Andrew's Allocutions

The author comments on issues of the day.

What I Did on Sunday

The series of articles describing my experiences as I visit a different Catholic parish each week. The articles generally include summaries of the homilies.


Everyone should have his own Internet radio channel; here's mine.

Anti-grunge page

The way we dress shows what we think of ourselves, and the message isn't an encouraging one. The Anti-grunge page is the rallying point for those of us who long to see people dress like adults instead of like children.

On cable TV: Anti-Grunge Channel

An anti-grunge activist's dream.

Mass schedules and confessions in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre in 2000

I personally compiled this list some years ago because nobody else had ever succeeded.

The Web page I made for my sister

My sister had an AOL account and lots of Web space she wasn't using-- but no Web page! Well, something had to be done about that, so I created this Web page just for her. Only her name and her husband's name remain the same, to protect the innocent. When they switched to a new AOL account, I retired this page, but it's still a good one nonetheless.

My sister's second web page

Yes, I made this one too. It's not quite as long and detailed, but it gave her a web page-- well, sort of.

How to shave: A tutorial for fatherless teenage boys

Product Review: Car Inflator

Andrew's Archives

I have a penchant for history. These are various radio and TV sound clips I recorded over the years.

Buying Shoes in the AMS Shoe Store

I'll just say that in this context, "AMS" does not refer to my initials.

No shortage of technical workers

Here, the conventional wisdom that we have a severe shortage of technical workers is exposed as misleading at best and a fraud at worst. If you don't believe it from me, though, look at the next two links, which I found after I wrote the above article.

Debunking the myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage
The skills shortage that isn't

My favorite recipes

Just say "no" to scripts

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