Andrew's Allocutions

06/30/2022: Hochul has to go too

06/25/2022: Adios to Roe: Now Comes the Really Hard Part

04/24/2022: Make Private Domain Registrations Illegal

12/22/2021: The Experiment Is a Failure

06/12/2021: Alone, Aboad an Aeroplane (A Poetic Allocution)

10/28/2020: Three Candidates Who Won't Be Getting My Vote

10/24/2020: Why Can't They Just Do It?

10/18/2020: Why I Am Voting for Donald Trump

10/18/2020: Nassau County Government Waste

09/29/2020: How Many More Must Die?

09/20/2020: Resources for the Sane

09/14/2020: What If... We Went Back to PAPER?

07/11/2020: E-Mail Annoyances

07/09/2020: Another Visual Allocution

05/16/2020: Treating Cancer

05/06/2020: Science Without Heart

05/03/2020: What Next?

04/19/2020: What Causes Military Coups

04/16/2020: Tunnel Vision

04/03/2020: It's a Dirty Job, But Someone Has to Do It

04/01/2020: The Inherent Right to Earn a Living

03/30/2020: Life Is Not About "Staying Safe"

03/29/2020: 2020 or 1984?

03/26/2020: One Good Thing That Came from Hiroshima and Nagasaki

03/23/2020: The Story of Rent Control

03/22/2020: The Insanity Continues

03/18/2020: STOP THE INSANITY!

09/22/2019: If Evolution Made Sense, Then...

05/25/2019: Finish the Korean War Veterans Parkway Already

02/02/2019: Despicable Governor Cuomo and his ilk

12/05/2018: Right on Red has to go

12/01/2018: Believe... in what?

11/01/2018: Boycott These Ramps!

10/18/2017: Just Can't Hit the Bullseye Bonus

9/17/2017: But Not the Dog!

9/17/2017: Chair Mat in Action

11/12/2016: What the 2016 Presidential Election Results Really Mean

9/11/2016: Eject Both Trump and Clinton

6/3/2016: Fight Illegal Speed Limits in Westbury Village

4/13/2016: Back-Door Tax Increase for Baldwin's LIRR Commuters

1/18/2015: Irrational Opposition to Nassau's Casino

2/26/2009: If Baseball Players Don't Like Their Working Conditions

9/2/2007: The Danger of Abortionists in a Democratic Society

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